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As the hybrid workforce becomes the new normal, employees must be able to securely access all of their work applications from wherever they are located. Fortinet Universal ZTNA enables users logging in from the office, home, or elsewhere to securely access applications located anywhere.

Securing Application Access with Fortinet ZTNA

The Internet is the new perimeter and nothing should be trusted until verified. Watch the video to learn how to achieve simple, automatic secure remote access that verifies who and what is on your network. Fortinet ZTNA secures application access no matter where users are located.

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Fortinet Universal ZTNA

Watch this demo to see how FortiClient, FortiClient EMS, FortiOS ZTNA application gateways, and FortiAuthenticator work together to enable Zero Trust for your organization.

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Diagram depicting Fortinet's Universal Zero Trust Network Access architecture. The Universal ZTNA architecture connects users from wherever they are (including campus, branch, and remote locations) to wherever the application is (including cloud service providers, SaaS apps, and data centers). These connections go through the ZTNA application gateway, which verifies user and device identity and posture checks prior to access.

Fortinet brings Universal ZTNA to the Fortinet Security Fabric

Our unique approach, delivering Universal ZTNA as part of our FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), makes it uniquely flexible, covering users whether they are remote or in the office. Universal ZTNA capabilities are automatically enabled on any device or service running FortiOS 7.0 and higher. This includes hardware appliances, virtual machines in clouds, and the FortiSASE service.

A FortiGate and the FortiClient ZTNA agent are all that’s needed to enable more secure access and a better experience for remote users, whether on or off the network.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Deployment

Enables ZTNA policies to be enforced for both remote workers and on-site workers

Granular Access Control

Grants access to a specific application only for that session

Ongoing verification

Verifies the user identity, the device identity and posture, before granting access to an application

Unified FortiClient Agent

Provides both secure access and endpoint protection with a single, unified agent

No Extra Cost

Allows moving from VPN to ZTNA over time, as a free feature of FortiOS 7.0 and above

Automatic Encrypted Tunnels

Establishes TLS encryption automatically between endpoint and access proxy, hiding traffic

Fortinet Universal ZTNA Use Cases

icon wfh work from anywhere
Work from Anywhere
Enables secure and granular access to applications to improve security and the user experience—anywhere, anytime.
icon benefits identity and access
Risk reduction
Ensures only users and devices that should access an application, can, with the help of multi-factor authentication (MFA).
icon cloud security
Cloud journey
A ZTNA proxy lets apps move to the cloud, between clouds, and back to campus—without impacting user experience.

Gartner Peer Reviews

FortiClient ZTNA - Agent with 360 coverage

It's a completed agent that consolidates critical security features like: VPN agent, NGAV, web filtering, application firewall, vulnerability scan, ZTNA and security for endpoints; in addition to integrating with other Fortinet prodcuts, to share threat intelligence.

—  Technical Project Manager in the Telecommunication Industry

Allow Corporate Resources In A Secure Manner Without The Overhead Of Traditional VPN.

Easy to implement and give access to internal resources without the hassle of VPN and limited to my corporate devices only which have the client and policy pushed by my instance.

—  AVP of Systems and Networks

ZTNA Ease Of Use

One of the key strengths of Fortinet's ZTNA solution is its ability to provide granular access controls based on user identity, device posture, and other contextual factors. This allows organizations to implement a more fine-grained security policy that aligns with their specific requirements.

Supervisor in the Banking Industry

Best And Secure Zero Trust Solution

FortiClient ZTNA is very good and effective ZTNA Solution for have a secure traffic from outside access on the Company network and Application. There are in FortiClient are very much capability to keep the network and application safe from outside traffic. I have very good experience with the performance from Fortinet ZTNA

IT Executive in the Healthcare and Biotech Industry

Excellent Service With And Varity Of Great Products

We are using the Fortinet different Products like firewall and switches. We are using this product for the O.T. Environment as a security enhancement for the security in the O.T. Network as well as the establishing the communication with the other devices like teltonika and other its successfully integrated as well as communicating with the devices.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management in the Energy and Utilities Industry


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