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5G enables innovation and value delivery, playing an essential role in the evolution of enterprises, verticals, and economies. The growing importance of 5G and its underlying technology also expand the attack surface and make it an appealing target to a wide range of threat actors. Securing 5G infrastructure, services, and ecosystems is mandatory.

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Performance and form-factor considerations in energy- and space-efficient cybersecurity for SecGW/SEG and CGNAT use cases

The need for energy- and space-efficient products in service providers’ infrastructures and services is evident. Power and space consumptions are an important factor when selecting solutions and vendors. Learn more about performance and form factor considerations for SecGW/SEG and CGNAT use cases.

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Ensure Trust and Service Continuity

Mobile providers’ growth will be driven by enterprise-focused services and value ecosystems. 5G use cases will serve as the foundation for mobile network operator (MNO) evolution and commercial success, making cybersecurity critical. Any 5G platform should incorporate cybersecurity as an enabler for enterprise trust, compliance, and overall 5G adoption.

Telco Market Drivers and Security Considerations

Major market trends and forces driving telcos, and cybersecurity’s role in helping them to better adapt.

Cybersecurity for 5G Success and Growth

The 5G attack surface is growing due to IT technology, open, distributed architectures, and multi-vendor ecosystems.

Security considerations in mobile networks and services

The complexity of mobile networks creates layers of vulnerabilities for operators, driving end-to-end security needs.

Securely Use Your Radio Access Network (RAN)

The RAN is fundamental in an MNO’s ability to deliver upon the promise of 5G and growth. Representing a very significant part of MNO total cost of ownership, using the RAN to deliver ROI and growth while ensuring security and compliance is critical.

RAN Complexity, Risk, and Cybersecurity

MNOs should consider resolving main RAN cybersecurity priorities as part of their service strategy.

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Security considerations in Open-RAN environments

O-RAN’s architecture creates a complex attack surface that must be identified and secured.

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Secure Your Value: Cloud, Edge, Applications, APIs

The value a mobile provider can provide lies in helping enterprises solve business problems via the evolution of 5G to a platform encompassing connectivity services, applications, and use cases. Cybersecurity as an integral part of any 5G platform serves as an accelerator and differentiator to gain their enterprise clients’ trust and business.

Cybersecurity considerations in IoT ecosystems and services

Security is a major inhibiting factor to IoT development and adoption. Cybersecurity must be part of a telco’s IoT services and solutions.

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Mistakes to avoid in securing success in a world of clouds

Service providers are leveraging the right cloud, at the right time, for the right reasons. Security must be maintained across these environments.

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Service provider cloud cybersecurity essentials

Integrating and aligning cybersecurity strategy with digital and cloud strategy is key to success for service providers.

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Secure Enterprise Data, Services, and Ecosystems

Going beyond connectivity, mobile providers are building capabilities and partner ecosystems to deliver industry-specific value and use cases with the goal of helping enterprises solve business problems. As a condition to services and solutions consumption, enterprises demand security and compliance. And MNOs need to deliver.

Cybersecurity for 5G-enabled industrial environments

Industrial enterprises in different industry verticals are the early adopters of private and public 5G. And when it comes to technology in critical enterprise use cases, security is fundamental.

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