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Opportunities for Undergrad and Grad Students at Fortinet

We value openness, teamwork, and innovation. As an intern, you will get to learn from industry leaders, receive mentorship, networking with your peers, and you’ll work on a challenging problem that will contribute to our mission against cybersecurity threats. Join us and be a part of a global cybersecurity company and help us continue to prevent malicious cyber-attacks through our core innovative technologies.

Internship Opportunities

Our internship is designed to give you a lens into what real-life work experience looks like through projects that align with your interest. The internship program runs in the summer for about 10-12 weeks. You will immerse in our events and programs to give you an overview of a leading cybersecurity company's journey. We understand that learning and doing is important, so we customize the experience that you hopefully love and gain after your internship.

Application submission starts in the fall and ends early spring.
Application advice: We want to see your work highlighted through your most relevant experiences, whether through previous internships, school projects, or volunteer work. We want to see the proudest moment on your resume. Please keep it to one page and ensure the resume is tailored to the position. Extra points if you are taking courses or working towards a cybersecurity certificate or degree!

Check out our free Network Security Expert training.

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Opportunities for Recent Graduate

At Fortinet, you’ll be challenged to solve complex problems in a team-focused environment. You’ll be inspired to be innovative, creating solutions, and drive your career. Whether you are interested in technical or non-technical roles, chances are good you’ll find an opportunity that you love.

Meet Fortinet Interns


"If you have the chance to apply and ultimately be a part of this internship program and company, make the most of it! The experience that comes with it is incredible, and by the time the internship comes to an end, you will find yourself looking at the world of cybersecurity with a new perspective."

Patrick, Legal Intern


 "Being an intern at Fortinet was a fresh experience, and I learned much more about the overall working process, as well as communicating with a team and meeting deadlines. Working in a formal work environment was impactful and taught me more about communication, planning, and organization. Overall, the internship was an amazing experience."

Andy, Software Robotics Intern


"My main takeaway from being an intern at Fortinet is that being able to work with a team is a valuable experience. School might give you group projects, but even the best group projects in school are a bit different from working in a work environment."

Jerry, Software Engineer Intern



"I enjoyed doing my internship at Fortinet. It is a great company with an excellent work environment and leaders who seek their team's growth. Working at Fortinet is challenging, but the company provides you with all the tools you need to get your job done. I recommend Fortinet as a place to do your internship. You will enter a company with a program prepared for you. A great place to work!"

Mariana, HR Intern


"Asking questions and being open to constructive criticism is a must if you're trying to do your job well. Fortinet-Latam's HR team is very results-oriented, which means I am constantly learning new ways to tackle projects to make sure they are being executed well."

Valentina, HR Intern

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