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FortiFlex delivers usage-based security licensing that moves at the speed of digital acceleration. It offers a simple, transparent, points-based approach to provide organizations with flexibility and agility to right-size their cybersecurity services and spend. Organizations can freely deploy cybersecurity from Fortinet and scale them up, down, in or out dynamically, without excessive procurement cycles.

Right-Size Your Security with FortiFlex

Fortinet FortiFlex delivers usage-based licensing designed to empower organizations with the flexibility to right-size their services and spend in securing their cloud and hybrid environments. FortiFlex simplifies deployment decisions with the freedom to dynamically deploy, scale in/out, and scale up/down without needing to size for exact services and solutions ahead of time.

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Simplified, Flexible Licensing

FortiFlex is a points-based cybersecurity licensing program that allows organizations to easily provision the services and solutions they need on-demand. FortiFlex offers access to a complete suite of virtualized solutions and services for physical FortiGate appliances and can be applied to protect any environment where supported solutions need to be deployed: on-premises, physical and virtual data centers, clouds, hybrid clouds, and hybrid mesh firewall deployments.  Organizations can easily scale in or out and up or down as needed, and only pay for what they use.

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Simplified Deployment and Purchasing Decisions

With FortiFlex, organizations are freed from having to pre-plan and pre-size their deployment purchases and risk undersizing or oversizing their solutions. Instead, you simply purchase packages of FortiFlex points that can then be used to deploy any solution size, in any quantity, and with any services. Because FortiFlex is a points-based program, you can eliminate excessive procurement cycles and lead time because you can use points based on consumption rather than go through a procurement process whenever additional solutions and services are needed.

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Single Program for All Your Hybrid Mesh Firewall Deployments

FortiFlex is the industry’s first usage-based licensing program to support hybrid mesh firewall deployments. With FortiFlex, you can run all Fortinet FortiGate firewalls under a single, flexible licensing model and deepen their visibility across all deployments with our unified management console, FortiManager. Organizations can easily provision FortiGate VM instances and any FortiCare and FortiGuard services and bundles for FortiGate hardware appliances.

Features and Benefits

FortiFlex delivers usage-based cybersecurity licensing designed to provide organizations with the flexibility to right-size their services and spend in securing their multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and hybrid mesh firewall environments.

Flexible & Scalable

Increase and decrease capacity and services as you go without any procurement hassles.

Cost Control

Entitlements are charged daily and can be stopped any time. Unused points can be rolled over.

Simplified Operations

Centralize administration and get visibility of all license entitlements with reports.

Cloud & Platform Agnostic

Deploy and run supported solutions in any cloud, virtualized data center, or on-premises deployment.

Reduced Cloud Spend

Purchase through marketplace to help reduce minimum use commits with cloud providers.


Automate the whole license life-cycle management with rich API support.

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