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Businesses and Industries Need Cybersecurity

Fortinet is proud to serve hundreds of thousands of customers in every industry, all over the world. From Secure SD-WAN to AI-driven security operations and secure remote work, Fortinet offers the most comprehensive solutions to help industries accelerate security, maximize productivity, preserve user experience, and lower total cost of ownership.

K-12 School Districts

Enable digital learning resources while ensuring physical and digital safety of networks and students.

Federal Government

Delivering trusted cybersecurity to the U.S. federal government.


Enabling hospitality cybersecurity without impacting quality of guest experience.

Financial Services

Protecting institutions against advanced threats while optimizing cost and efficiency.


Protecting IT and OT resources against threats in manufacturing with a single platform.

Power and Utilities

Protecting critical infrastructure against cyberattacks while ensuring physical safety and productivity.

Media and Entertainment

Safeguarding content and sensitive data against advanced threats while improving efficiency.


High-performance network traffic.


Security for the evolving needs of transportation and logistics organizations.

Higher Education

Supporting a secure smart campus with support for free expression.

State and Local Government

Protecting digital assets and critical infrastructure against growing advanced threats.


Enabling the latest advances in patient care while protecting against cyberattacks.


Protecting retailers against advanced threats while providing positive shopping experiences.

SCADA Control Systems

Protecting OT environments and their critical infrastructure sectors.

Oil and Gas

Protecting critical infrastructure and assets against cyber threats with end-to-end integration.


Bolstering protection against advanced cyber threats while optimizing cost and efficiency.


Enabling Pharma Companies to Innovate While Protecting Mission-Critical Assets