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5G to Accelerate IoT Operations

Digital innovation and industry 4.0 are mandating the growing use and importance of IoT. IoT is at the core of every 5G industrial use case. To reap the potential benefits of IoT, industries must rely on an entire ecosystem of tools and solutions that range from the devices, to connectivity, to data analysis, to IoT applications. This expansive attack surface introduces real security risks and challenges. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have a huge opportunity to reduce complexity by providing an entire ecosystem of IoT services and solutions, including IoT security (on top of IoT connectivity).

Security is paramount for delivering IoT services

Security is often considered to be the factor most likely to inhibit both the development of IoT services as well as their adoption. In delivering IoT services and solutions to their enterprise customers, MNOs must embrace security as part of their solutions and services in order to:

  • Protect the MNO’s infrastructure against IoT-based threats to ensure service continuity
  • Deliver IoT security SLAs to encourage IoT service adoption and acceptance
  • Generate revenue via IoT security services

Fortinet Security Solutions for the IoT Ecosystem

The FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and the FortiWeb web application firewalls provide a powerful platform to deliver security for the MNO IoT services and ecosystem. FortiGate capabilities include:

  • Stateful firewalling to block non-authorized destinations and anomalous behavior
  • IPS to detect and block a wide range of IoT attacks such as:
    • Exploit attacks
    • Scanning attacks
    • Fuzzing attacks
  • IoT rate-based behavior rules and enforcement
  • TLS inspection for attack detection over secure IoT links
  • Application and protocol control authorized for IoT use
  • Antivirus to protect the IoT platform devices
  • Anti-botnet to stop malicious bots

FortiWeb capabilities add:

  • API protection within the IoT ecosystem (devices, platform, applications)
  • Automation framework to link events and trigger actions for rapid risk mitigation


Schutz des IoT-Ökosystems mit Fortinet

Schutz des IoT-Ökosystems mit Fortinet

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Security Considerations for the IoT Ecosystem

Security Considerations for the IoT Ecosystem

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