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FortiNAC is a zero-trust access solution that oversees and protects all digital assets connected to the enterprise network, covering devices ranging from IT, IoT, OT/ICS, to IoMT. With network access control that enhances the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiNAC delivers visibility, control, and automated response for everything that connects to the network. FortiNAC provides protection against IoT threats, extends control to third-party network devices, and orchestrates automatic response to a wide range of network events.

Identify and connect devices and the network, and protect and respond with security tools and integration.

Continuous Innovation and Workflow Automation

For over 20 years, FortiNAC has been safeguarding organizations on the digital transformation journey by protecting ever-growing networks and digital assets. With continued technology advancement and innovations, FortiNAC expands protection to address today’s dynamic and increasing attack surface. It does this through real-time visibility, streamlined enforcement, dynamic policy adjustment, and automated response to compromised devices or anomalous activity.

Multi-vendor and Partner Ecosystem

Integrating with FortiGate and other Fortinet Security Fabric solutions, FortiNAC gains a more comprehensive and accurate view of connected devices and users. Expanding its capability with a true multi-vendor environment, FortiNAC can leverage existing infrastructure and orchestrate network segmentation and automated response. 

Features and Benefits

FortiNAC is packed with a range of powerful features that make managing network access easier and quicker. From advanced device profiling to automated workflows, every aspect of FortiNAC has been carefully crafted to deliver the best possible user experience.

Agentless Scanning

Detect and identify headless devices as they connect to the network

21 Profiling Methods

Utilize 21 different ways to determine the identify of a device

Fortinet Security Fabric Integration

Leverage the Security Fabric for better visibility, segmentation enforcement, and policy adjustments


Narrowly restrict access to network assets for identified devices

Extensive Multivendor Support

Interact with and configure network devices (switches, APs, firewalls, clients) from 150+ vendors


Enable effective scaling to multi-sites and support millions of devices


Networking Equipment Models Managed


Unique IoT Device Identities Classified


Industrial Protocols and Applications Supported

FortiNAC Use Cases

icon enterprise grade management
Provides consolidated visibility, classification, and security posture. It can also be used to monitor and manage all digital assets.
Shadow IT
Sets up rule-based security policy that leads to dynamic segmentation and microsegmentation of the network.
Hybrid Workforce
Onboards and manages BYOD with guest and contractor management capabilities. FortiNAC can see and control all devices.
App Performance
Identifies and maps security events to notifications. These are sent to an administrator, followed by actions to dynamically mitigate threats.
icon respond
SIEM Orchestration
Automatically controls network access and responds with detailed workflows from endpoint-based visibility and real-time behaviors.
icon benefits ztna
Enables least-privileged access to network resources for connected devices. Also performs re-authentication and ongoing monitoring.

Case Studies

Grand View University
Grand View University
127-Year-Old University Stays Agile in the Face of Cyber Threats with FortiGuard Security Services
Brazilian Steel Distributor Achieves High Security and Availability with the Fortinet Security Fabric Platform
Southeastern U.S. City
Southeastern U.S. City
U.S. City Secures and Segments Departments and IT-OT Environments with Fortinet
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Canadian School District Enhances Remote User Security and Drives Operational Efficiencies with FortiSASE

Models and Specifications

The FortiNAC product line includes hardware appliances, virtual machines, and licenses. Each FortiNAC deployment requires both a Control and an Application Server. If your deployment is larger than what a single server can support, you can stack servers for more capacity. FortiNAC has no limit on the number of concurrent ports it can support.

View by:

Control and Application Server
Each server manages up to 2,000 ports in the network
Control and Application Server
Each server manages up to 15,000 ports in the network
Control and Application Server
Each server manages up to 25,000 ports in the network
Management Server
FortiNAC Control and Application next-gen VM Server (VMware/Hyper-V/AWS/Azure/KVM)
FortiNAC Manager next-gen VM Server (VMware or Hyper-V)
FortiNAC Control and Application VM Server (VMware/ Hyper-V/AWS/Azure/KVM)
FortiNAC Manager VM Server (VMware or Hyper-V)
FortiNAC Base License
Functionality Endpoint Visibility and Auto Provisioning
Perpetual Licenses (Concurrent endpoint devices per license)
10,000 LIC-FNAC-BASE-10K
50,000 LIC-FNAC-BASE-50K
Subscription Licenses
25 FC1-10-FNAC1-215-01-DD
500 FC2-10-FNAC1-215-01-DD
10,000 FC3-10-FNAC1-215-01-DD
FortiNAC Plus License
Functionality Visibility and Control
Perpetual Licenses (Concurrent endpoint devices per license)
10,000 LIC-FNAC-PLUS-10K
50,000 LIC-FNAC-PLUS-50K
Subscription Licenses
25 FC1-10-FNAC1-213-01-DD
500 FC2-10-FNAC1-213-01-DD
10,000 FC3-10-FNAC1-213-01-DD
FortiNAC Pro License
Functionality Visibility, Control and Response
Perpetual Licenses (Concurrent endpoint devices per license)
100 LIC-FNAC-PRO-100
10,000 LIC-FNAC-PRO-10K
50,000 LIC-FNAC-PRO-50K
Subscription Licenses
25 FC1-10-FNAC1-209-01-DD
500 FC2-10-FNAC1-209-01-DD
10,000 FC3-10-FNAC1-209-01-DD

FortiCare Support & Professional Services

Fortinet is dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and every year FortiCare services help thousands of organizations get the most from their investments in Fortinet's products and services. To achieve this, FortiCare follows the life-cycle approach and provides unique services to help our customers in their success journeys.

FortiCare for FortiNAC

Advanced technical support, firmware updates, hardware replacement, training and resources, SLA

FortiNAC Professional Services

Architecture and design, implementation, integration with other Fortinet products, customization, and optimization

FortiNAC QuickStart Services

Rapid deployment, best practices, knowledge transfer, reduced risk


Solution Briefs
Data Sheets
White Papers
Analyst Reports


Training & Certifications

In this course, you will learn how to leverage the powerful and diverse capabilities of FortiNAC, using best practices for achieving visibility, control, and response. These fundamentals will provide you with a solid understanding of how to implement network visibility and security automation.
Learn how to design, deploy, administrate, and monitor FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiSIEM devices to secure OT infrastructures. These skills will provide you with a solid understanding of how to design, implement, and operate an OT security solution based on Fortinet products.

Free Product Demo

The surge in deployment of IoT devices requires advanced network security. Specifically, network operators need to be able to identify every user and device that connects to the network and then grant or limit network access appropriately. Furthermore, the network needs constant supervision to ensure ongoing safe operation with automated responses to threats as they are detected.  FortiNAC from Fortinet can provide those capabilities so that network operators can confidently know who and what is on their network. Come and see how FortiNAC can provide visibility, control, and response for your network.

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