Integrated and Automated Solutions

With digital transformation, networks are increasing in complexity with adoption of multi-vendor products, which are typically not integrated. This leads to poor visibility and lack of threat-intelligence sharing that is needed to rapidly respond to sophisticated, fast-moving threats.


Fortinet’s Open Ecosystem is one of the largest in the industry and provides powerful complimentary solutions with the Fortinet Security Fabric to help organizations attain end-to-end security across their digital infrastructures.


Extensive Ecosystem


Fortinet’s Open Ecosystem is one of the most extensive in the industry, with over 500+ technology integrations and threat-sharing collaborations. A broad range of integrated solutions are available to enable advanced end-to-end security across the digital infrastructure.


Open Architecture


Fortinet’s technology partners leverage the open architecture, collaborative power, and integration interfaces of the Security Fabric to add complementary solutions for automation and better protection. Our approach extends the benefits of the Security Fabric with Fortinet-developed Fabric Connectors, Fabric APIs, and DevOps tools.



Fabric Connectors

Deep integration into partner technologies and platforms enabling security automation and simplified

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Open Ecosystem Benefits

Security Fabric integrations help build a unified security architecture delivering broad visibility, stronger security posture, and coordinated threat response.

Broad Visibility

Integrations across a wide range of technologies provide broad visibility into multi-vendor deployments across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Integrated solutions provide broad visibility which then helps put the security controls in all the right places for a stronger security posture.  

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Greater Security Efficacy

A feature-rich ecosystem enables more attack surface coverage. It enhances threat intelligence sharing, resulting in coordinated and automated threat response, enabling comprehensive end-to-end protection.

Deep Platform Integration

Fabric Connectors provide deep integration with leading industry technologies and platforms for automated security, synchronized real-time updates, and simplified management.

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Collaborative Program

Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Program arms partners with resources and tools to develop and market ecosystem solutions. The solutions are pre-validated, enabling more confidence in purchase decisions.

Optimal Investment Value

Pre-validated solutions can be deployed faster with reduced systems integration costs. Without forfeiting current security investments, improved networking and security efficiency is achieved through integrated ecosystem solutions.

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