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Ransomware Advisory Services

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Staying Ahead of the Latest Ransomware Threats


When it comes to ransomware, your organization needs to be as resilient as possible to the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Sometimes it’s as simple as creating a ransomware playbook. In other situations, it may mean first assessing your firm’s ability to respond across people, processes, and technology.

Ransomware Incident Expertise

Every day, our incident responders investigate ransomware cases. They see the gaps in enterprise security programs that led to successful ransomware attacks and advise clients on critical steps to fill gaps and remediate.

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FortiGuard Labs Threat Intelligence


Whether it’s a new ransomware group, a new set of TTPs, or other new insights from the underground marketplace, FortiGuard Labs is on top of it. The team analyzes and advises on what’s emerging in the ransomware “industry” to help keep our customers aware, prepared, and better protected.



Ransomware Assessment

Assess your ability to respond to a ransomware attack

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Ransomware Expertise You Can Rely On

Every day, the FortiGuard Incident Response team answers the call of another enterprise hit with Ransomware. With insights to the common gaps across ransomware attacks, the latest threat intelligence on ransomware groups and TTPs, and years of professional experience with ransomware, the FortiGuard team provides enterprises with the insights and practices to help enterprises prepare for Ransomware incidents. 

Get Timely Gap Insights

Assessing your practices and processes yields insights to gaps so you can close them, before a ransomware group takes advantage of them.

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Reduce Risk

Leveraging experience with common enterprise security gaps across incident investigations helps test your assumptions and lead to better decision-making and ransomware preparedness, reducing risk and improving value. 

Better Prepare

Filling identified gaps, having new or updated playbooks for ransomware, yield better preparedness.

Improve Processes

Through new playbooks, tabletop exercises, and assessments, discover and address opportunities for process improvements before they can become the weakest link.