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The convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) impacts the security of industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. As the air gap is removed, these systems are exposed to an expanding threat landscape and are targets for hackers involved in terrorism, cyber warfare, and espionage. Extending well beyond the traditional factory plant floor, attacks on critical infrastructures such as power plants, factories, water treatment systems, oil rigs, and traffic control systems can result in threats to national security, financial loss, risk to brand reputation, and even loss of life.

For more than a decade, Fortinet has protected OT environments in critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, defense, manufacturing, food, and transportation. By designing security into complex infrastructure via the Fortinet Security Fabric, organizations have an efficient, non-disruptive way to ensure that the OT environment is protected and compliant.

Fortinet Security Fabric for OT Environments

Depend on each system and subsystem doing its job—and only it’s job. Multifactor authentication ensures the right people have the assigned permissions and access and is backed by enforcement zones. Network segmentation and micro segmentation provide a layered and leveled approach with zones of control. Quarantine and sandboxing prevent threats before they can act.

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2022 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report

Continuous analysis of behaviors help teams learn what, where, when, who, how by gathering intelligence about known and unknown threats. A central security tool helps with logging, reporting and analytics, and evaluates activity collected across the system. It also provides security information and event management, and security orchestration automation and response capabilities. Insights are gained via user and device behavior analysis and threat assessments ensure continuous protection.

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Fortinet's ICS/SCADA solution

Fortinet’s solution integrates OT security solutions with best-of-breed threat protection for corporate IT environments that extend from the data center, to the cloud, to the network perimeter. It also provides visibility, control, and automated at speed analytics detection within the OT environment while provisioning built-in support for industry standards. Additionally, it minimizes complexity and reduces the operating expense (OpEx) of OT security management, when compared to point security solutions in siloed IT and OT environments.

Industrial Zone

The Industrial Zone is the area where the production takes place. This zone includes the digital control elements like PLCs and RPUs that convert IP communication to serial commands. It also includes additional networks such as the camera surveillance network and networks to support IoT devices. Fortinet products in this zone include: FortiSwitch, FortiAP, FortiPresence, and FortiCamera. Select Wireless Network to learn more about FortiAPs in the Industrial Zone.

Site Operations

Site Operations enables the centralized control and monitoring of all the systems that run the processes in a facility. This is where OT systems share data with IT systems. FortiGate next-generation firewall appliances are frequently deployed here for top-rated protection and segmentation, providing visibility and control. Select Wireless Network to learn more about FortiAPs in the Industrial Zone.


Industrial DMZ

Between the enterprise and site operations zones exists the Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ). The IDMZ allows the organization to securely connect networks with different security requirements. Security protection includes authentication and business segmentation to provide the visibility, control and situational awareness to manage against known and unknown threats. Verify who and what is on the network, and provide role-based access control for users, devices, applications, and protocols. Address unknown threats with sandboxing and deception detection. Implement logical business segmentation using gates and switches. Address known threats to the network. Become situationally aware of what happens in OT and IT environments. Select the Fortinet products to learn more.

Enterprise Zone

The enterprise zone typically sits at the corporate level and spans multiple facilities, locations, or plants where the business systems  work to perform tasks such as scheduling, logistics, and supply chain management. Data is gathered from the individual locations and accumulated to support business decision making. Select the Fortinet products to learn more.


Internet WAN ZONE

The Internet/WAN Zone delivers access to cloud-based services for compute and analytics to support ERP and MRP systems for an operational environment. It is also where remote employees and third-parties access the network.  For strong authentication, two-factor authentication and VPN tunnels are used to verify identity and keep data private. Select the Fortinet products to learn more. 


The Fortinet ICS/SCADA Solution Includes:

Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it

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