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Security Advisory Services

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Security Advisory Services help assess your SOC and incident preparedness and find compromises that may lie hidden. Augment your team if or when needed, and get immediate help with an active incident when every second counts.

A Continuous Cycle of Evaluation and Calibration

Today’s enterprises have a wider attack surface, an ever-changing infrastructure, and are often taxed with limited resources, a cybersecurity skills gap, and security-event fatigue. On top of that, the threat landscape evolves quickly as adversaries continue to leverage automation and AI in their attacks and attack planning and execution.


Understanding your cybersecurity risk posture with assessment, preparation, augmentation, and response services will help you determine the most critical focus for greatest impact and protection.

Choose from a range of incident response readiness subscription services, including SOC assessments, incident response readiness assessments, compromise assessments, playbook development, tabletop exercise (playbook testing), and incident response retainer.



Assessment Services

Identify gaps in incident readiness, develop/update/test playbooks, maximize SOC investments, optimize business protection

Find solution guides, eBooks, data sheets, analyst reports, and more.


Seasoned Security Experts You Can Rely On

Every day, the FortiGuard Incident Response team answers the call of another enterprise hit with ransomware or other incident. The team is armed with key lessons learned from every case, knowledge of common gaps across enterprise security programs, the latest threat actor TTPs, and professional experience. Look to us for the most effective ways to assess, prepare, augment, and respond. 

Get Timely Gap Insights

Assessing your practices and processes yields insights into gaps so you can close them, before the latest threat can use them.

Reduce Risk

Leveraging experience with common enterprise security gaps across incident investigations helps test your assumptions. It also leads to better decision-making and incident preparedness, reducing risk and improving value.

Improve SOC Value, Efficacy

Evolving security tools, processes, and human resource programs yield improved SOC efficacy and measurement, help retain scarce talent, and sustain SOC programs.

Better Prepare, Improve Processes

New playbooks, tabletop exercises, and SOC assessments address opportunities for process improvements before they can become the weakest link. This improves preparedness.

Retain Scarce Security Talent

With SOC human-resource guidance, improved processes, talent retention programs, and better preparedness, comes less burden on and more support for scarce talent.