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Your employees are high value targets for threat actors. They may be targeted through a phishing email, tricked into a drive-by download online, or unknowingly let a bad actor into a facility. An untrained workforce can introduce serious risk.

The Fortinet Security Awareness and Training service is a SaaS-based offering that delivers timely and current awareness training on today’s cybersecurity threats. It helps IT, security, and compliance leaders build a cyber-aware culture where employees recognize and avoid falling victim to cyberattacks. For compliance-sensitive organizations, the service also helps satisfy regulatory or industry compliance training requirements.

The service includes:

  • Engaging and interactive training delivered through a variety of rich media formats
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks throughout training to test employees’ understanding and retention
  • Up-to-date dashboard of campaign and user activity with out-of-the-box reports
  • An intuitive administrative interface for ease of deployment and management
  • Ability to custom brand and co-brand the service

2023 Security Awareness and Training Global Research Brief

With most cyberthreats targeting individuals directly, this report reveals the need for having an effective security awareness and training program for all employees. Read more on the critical roll employees play in protecting your network.

Intuitive Administration and Management Portal for Administrators

The service is purpose-built to provide a turnkey offering including an intuitive administrative interface for campaign building, monitoring, and reporting, along with learner portal, base and micro and learning modules, reinforcement nano videos, and other reinforcement resources.

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Available Service Plans

Fortinet offers simplified service plans and options to best meet the needs of organizations of all sizes including service providers who want to offer this as a service.



  • Learner Portal
  • Training Lessons: 
    • 7 base modules
    • 5 micro modules
  • Communication Resources
    • 7 nano videos
    • Posters
    • Tip Sheets
  • Administration Portal
    • Campaign launching
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
  • Optional: FortiPhish phishing simulation

Free to organizations with up to 25 users


Includes everything in the Standard package, plus:

  • Additional training
    • 16 Base Modules
    • 11 Nano Videos
  • Communication resources
    • Additional reinforcement resources
  • Additional user authentication options
  • Co-brand options
  • Optional: FortiPhish phishing simulation
  • Optional: Custom (white label) branding options
Multi-tenancy options available for partners

Features and Benefits

Train Users to Spot Threats

Aligned to the National Institute of Standards and Technology framework (NIST 800-50 and NIST 800-16), the Fortinet Security Awareness and Training service addresses security awareness, data privacy, internet security, password protection, and physical security training obligations. Our service helps:

Increase User Awareness

Train employees to recognize and report on security threats whether in an email, online, or in a physical setting.

Free-up IT Resources

Reduce the costs and strain on security and IT in managing workstation infections and removing malware.

Stop Breaches

Prevent the financial and business impact of breaches caused by employee errors and poor judgement.

Foster Diligence

Create a security-compliant culture where employees are trained to become more cognizant and knowledgeable of potential security threats.

Protect Data

Ensure employees are aware of data privacy and security, and are motivated to protect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data.

Use Cases

Change employee behavior and reduce risk.