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Your digital attack surface continues to grow as your organization accelerates toward digitization. So too does the volume of alerts, creating a long queue of work for analysts to triage, investigate and remediate. Unfortunately, the current threat landscape exceeds what many security teams can keep pace. Skilled cybersecurity staff struggles to balance building, maintaining, and operating a 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) – the tools needed - to help them keep pace. A new approach is required. Read our solution brief to fast-track your SOC.

Regain focus, control, and speed with Fortinet SOC-as-a-service offering.

Powered by FortiGuard, Fortinet blends its Security Operations Center (SOC) technology, vast experience, and analyst domain expertise to supplement your SOC team. Our experts are an extension of your existing SOC to ensure your information, network, and assets are secured. Fortinet analysts continuously monitor your environment using advanced capabilities, including machine learning techniques to break through the noise and perform vital knowledge transfer on what matters and how best to respond to them.

Continuous Coverage to Maximize Your Fortinet Investments

FortiGuard Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is a cloud-based, managed security and monitoring service designed to help existing SOC teams analyze security events generated from FortiGate devices, perform alert triage, and escalate confirmed threat notifications for appropriate expert response.

Expand Operational Coverage through Automation and Augmentation with FortiGuard SOCaaS

SOCaaS Use Cases

When organizations find gaps to fill in their in-house coverage - whether it's primary or after-hours monitoring, advanced endpoint monitoring and threat hunting or incident readiness and response - FortiGuard experts as part of the FortiGuard SOCaaS service can help.

Get Visibility

Gain full visibility of the service and experts working as an extension of your team. Track SOC escalated alerts, view insights on detected threats and recommended response actions, and submit new service requests.

  • Access Centralized Management
  • Follow Escalations
  • Change Alert Status

Get full visibility of the FortiGuard SOCaaS service

Features and Benefits

Increase Detection and Shorten Response Times
With 24x7x365 around the globe active monitoring

Detect Network and Security Anomalies
By leveraging advanced ML, an advanced correlation engine, and automated playbooks

Prioritize Critical Staff Time and Resources
By outsourcing, freeing up staff time to focus on critical elements of your business

Reduce or Remove Alert Fatigue
By surfacing only verified critical alerts, with comprehensive response recommendations

Reduce TCO and Predict Opex
By outsourcing or augmenting your SOC, with fixed annual costs

Why Customers Choose FortiGuard SOCaaS

Benefits to using FortiGuard SOCaaS Service

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