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User and Device Security

Increase Security with Access Solutions

As users continue to work from anywhere and IoT devices flood networks and operational environments, continuous verification of all users and devices as they access corporate applications and data is needed. To protect networks and applications, network administrators must implement a zero-trust access approach and provide least access privileges. Implementing zero-trust access includes requiring strong authentication capabilities, powerful network access control tools, and pervasive application access policies.

Remote Access and Application Access

Applying the zero-trust security model to application access makes it possible for organizations to move away from the use of a traditional virtual private network (VPN) tunnel that provides unrestricted access to the network. Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solutions grant access on a per-session basis to individual applications only after devices and users are verified. This ZTNA policy is also applied when users are on the network, which provides the same zero-trust model no matter the user's location.

Endpoint Security: Protect, Detect, and Respond

Fortinet delivers advanced endpoint protection to stop threats and ransomware from infecting your devices. Our EDR solution also hunts threats that may be lurking in your system. Near real-time, automated threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs ensures users are protected—without manual oversight —from known threats and unseen variants. Integrated network and endpoint security give administrators visibility and control from a single device and ensure consistent policies (like web and content filtering) are enforced, even when users are off network.



Challenge: Securing Users and Devices

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Inconsistent Security

Lack of security for remote users and inability to maintain consistent security posture for users anywhere 

icon challenges lacking security

Overly Broad Access

Traditional VPN based access lacks necessary granular access control

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Increasing Costs

Siloed point products and agents lead to complex operations, and lack of comprehensive visibility

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Endpoint Vulnerability

With employees often working from anywhere, their devices need strong security even outside the network

Industry Analyst Recommendations


"Network operations and network security leaders looking to support the anywhere, anytime access requirements of a distributed, hybrid workforce should consider an integrated, cloud-centric solution"


Gartner Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE, September 2022 


"The shift from implicit trust to zero trust is a response to the rising incidents and costs of cybercrime. A robust implementation of zero-trust solutions can reduce the likelihood of attack." ​


Gartner The State of Zero-Trust Report, January 2022 


"Organizations are looking to integrate the endpoint protection platform (EPP)/EDR with network and cloud security technologies and make use of managed detection and response service"​


Gartner How to Choose the Best EPP/EDR for Your Organization, June 2021

Fabric Solution: Access and Endpoint Security

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4 to 1
Vendor Consolidation

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~3 months
Payback Period

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100% Compliance
Ecrypted Tunnel Usage

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Reduction in security risk

Zero Trust Everywhere

Universal application access policies enforced in all locations delivered as a feature instead of point products

Cloud-Delivered Security

Extend enterprise-grade security from the cloud for strong protection of remote users

Modern Endpoint Security

Behavior-based endpoint protection, detection and response to stop the most sophisticated cyber-attacks

Fortinet Solutions by Industry