Cloud Token Wallet - CTO walletThe world most advance cryptocurrency wallet with profit sharing

AI Jarvis Robot and Bit BETA SYSTEM (BBS)

Cloud token wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with BBS 4th generation blockchain technique and profit sharing concept. Most importantly is Technical Director Mr Ronald Aai and team have strong blockchain technical background. This wallet launched on March 2019 and officially launched on May 14, 2019 Bangkok. The core function of this wallet is Jarvis trading robot which give you profit sharing rewards. The wallet accept main cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, BCH, Doge coin, TUSDT and USDT (erc20). More coins will be added from time to time. We believe that Cloud token wallet has long way to go in future.

This is the world’s first DAPP that puts a blockchain browser into your wallet. The wallet is on the mainnet. All the data is on the public chain and everybody can check for it.  The data is synchronized with the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin official website. The data of the centralized application is open, transparent, fair  and cannot be change. 

What is Cloud Token?

Cloudtoken wallet CTO is the 4th generation Blockchain BBS wallet Dapp. Cloud token team focus on “Strategic trading” that Ai robot JARVIS will analyze all relevant exchanges world wide data of price to execute buy sell trading. Any profits will move directly through main net chain to the Dapp account without 3rd parties involvement. The dapp will distribute the profits to the wallet users as schedule.
Open ceremony May 12 2019, Thailand. Price as June 1, 2019 USD0.39 . Plenty of space to up.

For Cloud Dapp download link click HERE (2019-06-03) . How to register account, deposit and activate Jarvis.

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Cloud Token Wallet

Profit Sharing

AI Jarvis profit sharing and Referral Program

1) Passive income: 6-18% per month. Profit sharing AI Jarvis.

2) Referral income: 1st level (direct referral) 100%. 2nd level 50%. 3rd-15th level 5%. 16th-21st level 5%.Please use our Promo code.

Extra benefits: Cloud token price increase, mining mechanism and more coming soon.

Cloud token Strengths

Cloud token wallet
Background Founder has strong technology and blockchain background. BBS blockchain system, Jarvis project trading system. Look at the video below how they do the strategic trading. More transparent. Can track with etherscan and others.
Minimum to get profit sharing USD500 per crypto type. If the crypto drop below USD500, no profit sharing receive.
Maximum crypto can put into wallet temporary no upper limit
Crypto type Btc, eth, TUSD, Ltc, Doge, USDT (ERC20), BCH
Profit sharing 6-18% per month. Average 0.33% per day
Referral level % 1st level 100%. 2nd level 50%. 3-15th level 5%. 16-21th level 5%
Member ID Random pick number. Very simple registration.
verification Google authenticator
Private key Keep your own private key
Locking You can withdraw your crypto anytime. No Locking
Stability Newly launched May 12, 2019. Token price still attractive. Many negative comments just like Plus token, but we believe this will continue pay like Plus token.
Exchange Not yet still new
Other planning Many advance blockchain projects including mining.
White paper Will follow white paper planning schedule

Cloud token got more advance decentralized wallet with strong technical team and better modified marketing plan.

Cloud Token CTO attractive points

Cloud Token Price
June 3, 2019

1 Cloud Token + USD0.399 (June 3, 2019)

USD0.399 (Best Time to accumulate token. Plenty room to up)


Still New
May 12, 2019

Newly Launched on May 12, 2019.

New program will has more chances to success

Easy to recruit more users

(up to $6 million)

Mining Machine
Coming soon

Cloud Token Mining machine

coming soon

Mining machine is the most profitable system but high cost to apply. You can keep your token at this cheapest stage and apply mining machine after price increase in future.

Strong Background

Digital Curren Group (DCG USA)

Pantera Capital (PC)

Blockchian Capital (BC)

Andreessen Horowitz (AH)

Singapore Top arbitrage and hedging team

Cloud Token Price

🇦🇺 🇨🇳 🇭🇰 🇰🇾 🇨🇦 🇱🇷 🇳🇮 🇬🇧 🇮🇱 🇻🇳 🇯🇵 🇲🇾 🇱🇸 🇨🇼 🇨🇰 🇰🇷 🇭🇳 🇫🇷 🇦🇹 🇪🇬 🇦🇫 🇨🇻 🇨🇺 🇲🇭 🇲🇽 🇵🇼
Cloud Token in Uptrend
2019-05-11:USD$0.30(Initial price)
05-22: $0.359
5-23: $0.3676
5-23: $0.3698
5-26: $0.3783
6-1: $0.3790
6-1: $0.3990
6-3: $0.4050
6-18: $0.437
6-21: $0.438
6-25: $0.463

Cloud Token Wallet Advantages:

1. Blockchain 4.0 technology development

2. The world’s top real high-frequency trading and strategy hedging program. We have our own professional trading team

3. Developed by original technical e-wallet team with years of experience from IBM, Nvidia and Samsung

5. Multi-cryptocurrency chain wallet, all main cryptocurrency coins are  traceable and transparent on the chain. The first wallet that conforms to the blockchain principle

6.The first to use NFC storage private key, the highest level of security technology in blockchain

7. Cloud token user can deposit CTO, mainstream currency into MasterCard, and the international UnionPay card to convert to cash at any time.

How Jarvis Robot works

1. Members deposit ETH/ BTC into Jarvis Asset Management Pool
2. Varoom gathers data on Pair and Trade Size from 38+ cryptocurrency exchanges
3. Varoom assigns asset to Jarvis AI BOT
4. Varoom sends instructions to Jarvis
5. Jarvis perform trades on exchanges (TA/Arbitrage)
6. Data collected from the latest price of
7. Affiliate Program rewards members in CTO via the “ Jarvis Dispersant Wallet + Engine”
8. The rest of the Deposits Asset Earnings transfers to Jarvis Asset Reserve
9. Jarvis Asset Reserve maintains float in conversion wallet. For actions e.g. Withdrawal actions
10. Members can always convert CTO to ETH, BCH etc…


2019 February
Alpha version. The Alpha version of Cloud Token Wallet was made available to professional cryptocurrency user groups for testing. The team engaged five focus groups of 12 members each across five countries.
2019 May
Ocial dApp launch. International launch of Cloud Token Wallet 1.0 in Bangkok, Thailand, including the o€cial release of this concept paper. Franchisee program launch. Cloud Token Wallet country leaders will be recruited to sign up major payment partners to Cloud Token Wallet payments service.
2019 July
Global events launch. The first in a series of localised events in collaboration with the Cloud Development Foundation. The events will focus on educating the public on the basics of DLTs, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency wallets, cyber security et cetera, and to create public awareness and adoption of Cloud Token Wallet.
2019 December
Oine systems integration tools launch.Cloud Token Wallet to release its solutions-as-a-service for merchants to create payment solutions e.g. POS machines, ATM, business tools
2019 April
Beta version. The Beta version of Cloud Token Wallet, including the JARVIS AI service, was launched for early birds who helped spread the word. A user base of approximately 50,000 members had been generated by the end of April.
2019 June
Expansion of AI trading options. JARVIS AI bot upgrade with VAROOM algorithm. HAL AI bot launch. Other bots and algorithms to be determined in collaboration with mathematics professors to provide more strategic options for end users with dierent risk/reward profiles.
2019 November
Crypto-to-fiat solutions launched. The debit card-based payments solution for eligible Cloud Token Wallet members launched alongside on/o’ine crypto to fiat solutions for all members.

We are giving you a chance to choose your future

Your target for year 2019

  1. Keep 1000 CTO If price up to $30. You can get USD$30000
  2. Keep 10000 CTO, If price up to $30.  You can get USD$300000
  3. If you keep 100000 CTO, if price up to $15, you are millionaire.

Cloud Technical Director

Blockchain expert - Ronald Aai

Cloud Token Official Launched

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