How to register cloud wallet | deposit | open Jarvis project

Below are the download steps for Cloud Dapp:

For Android phone Cloud Dapp download link click HERE (2019-06-03). Long press and select download link or open in incognito tab.

For Apple iPhone IOS Cloud Dapp download link click HERE (2019-06-03). Long press and select download link or open in incognito tab. #For iPhone shall set to allow “YFC Technologies Pte.Ltd”.
Referral code 5623096831
(referral code is 10 digits). Thanks for joining our team.
If the above download link cannot download, please go to official site click the first page Android or Apple IOS logo (long press and select copy link or download)

1) After download the app, click install.

2) After app installed click open.
3) enter referral code: 5623096831
4) Setup login password.
5) Setup payment password.
6) Backup Mnemonic phrase. Please write down at a piece of paper and keep safety place because this is your property.
7) Select mnemonic in correct order. (Refer the paper step 6). Click done.
8) A list of your login Id, pin (login password). And payment pin.
That’s it.
Please go to bind your Google authentication before deposit crypto currency.
Next go to bind your Google authenticator.
1) Click cloud app setting.
2) Click Google authenticator.
3) Click copy
4) Go to your installed Google authenticator. Click + and enter any name for example cto and paste the secret code on “your key” that you copy on step 3. Click add.
5) remember 6 digit number in authenticator and go back to cloud wallet and key in the 6 digit and click activate.
Deposit your crypto currency.
1) For example we want to deposit bitcoin. Click btc logo, and click deposit. (Left hand side top).Copy the address or scan.
2) paste the address in 3rd party wallet withdraw to cloud wallet.
3) Check after 30 minutes the first page of the app the fund reach your wallet.
Activate Project Jarvis
1) Click project icon
2) Click AI Jarvis
3) Select the cryptocurrency
4) Click all crypto move to Jarvis project
5) Click activate. Done.
Note: All your cryptos deposit will be credited profit sharing after 24 hours.
All your referral share returns will be credited after 48 hours.