Time to decide stay or leave cto

Before downloading the latest cloud wallet, remove the mainstream currency and cto in the wallet. Note: Use the old app to transfer coins. New apps cannot be transferred. After all coins are transferred out of the wallet, the exit procedure is processed. I heard that last day will be on January 28th. But Apple phones can’t download yet.

This is the new app. Android download: lanzous.com/b822817 More Android version: lanzous.com/b822737 After watching the video. Choose to leave or stay.

After clicking left, nothing needs to be done. Click to leave, the cto inside won’t get back. Just get back the principal in jarvis. If there are multiple accounts, you can switch to one of them. Stay. Other clicks to leave to get back the principal.

Procedure: Click to leave, click to agree, and then paste the required erc20 Ethereum or usdt address. Then click ok. Save reference number, screenshot collection. The principal arrives in 7 to 14 days. Note: I use the address of the imtoken cold wallet. Your wallet will become obsolete and cannot be accessed anymore. Please contact your sponsor for details.